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At OXYPOW Southern California, we specialize in on site use and applications of dry (gas) and wet (aqueous) based ozone treatments and services for odor removal and chemical free sanitizing applications.  Our primary business is sports gear cleaning and sanitizing, but we also offer products and other service applications for residential, commercial, auto, and anywhere else there is an organic based odor, bacteria, virus, mold or fungus you need eliminated safely, naturally, and with no harmful toxins or residues left behind.
OXYPOW SOCAL - Sports Gear Cleaning odors
Odor Elimination

Get The Funk Out! Why mask odors when you can totally eliminate them and sanitize at the same time? We use processes approved by the USDA, EPA, and FDA to permanently remove odor from gear, homes, vehicles, and the workplace.

OXYPOW SOCAL - Sports Gear Cleaning ozone molecule

Bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus are tough to eliminate. Our process is 3,000 times stronger than bleach but won’t damage any surface or fabrics. OXYPOW is the perfect solution to all your sanitization needs. 

OXYPOW SOCAL - Sports Gear Cleaning environmental friendly
Environmentally Friendly

We offer a truly “Green”, Environmentally Friendly, and Healthy service and product alternative. No mess, no fuss, no harmful toxins, bio-films or residues; just amazing results. We guarantee our work from start to finish! 


We Come To You! That’s right; our service is mobile, and we bring our fully equipped trailer right to your door. We cater to your schedule and make the process of Sanitizing & Odor Elimination convenient and easy!


  • Oxypow is the BEST!  They got a nasty odor out of my sons Hockey gear and it seems to be as clean as new if not better.  Thank you Oxypow SoCal!

    Joshua Y.
  • Prompt service + exceptionally clean & odor free hockey gear make for one happy mamma! Thanks Oxypow SoCal!

    Jessica G.


California Titans AAA Hockey
California Condors Special Needs Hockey Team
Goaltender Development Institute (GDI) USA,
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